Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chasing the Light

I need to stop chasing the light.
"Chasing the Light" a popular phrase in landscape photography, has become too literal to me.

No I'm not giving up photography.
It is in the interest of bettering my photography, that I say this.
No more, leaving the house after the light looks good.
No more driving around like a mad woman hoping the stoplight doesn't change red before I get through it.
No more searching out subject matter that "will do".
No more adjusting my camera settings while I drive.
No waiting for whoever thinks they're going with me.
No jumping from the vehicle, struggling with my tripod, as the sun dips below the horizon.
No more racing up a mountain, trying to be faster than the sun setting behind a different one.
 There will be no more chasing the light.

I will already be there. I will know where "there" is, in advance. I will go by myself. 
I will drive safer. I will be at peace. I will enjoy the experience. 
I WILL be a better photographer.

From this day forward, whenever possible,
I will "Wait for the Light".