Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A very wet spring

I started this post sometime in May, and today is the day...I SHALL finish it! Beyond that I have set a new goal of blogging at least once a month and it will go on my desk planner. The self imposed rules in my office state..."If it's on the desk planner...it must be done!" Of course there is always the possibility that the boss could over ride the rules...I think I've discovered a glitch in my system.

We have experienced what I would imagine must have been one of the wettest Springs on record here in North Idaho. On a positive note, there were many evenings when the sun would break through just at sunset for some amazing displays of sky color and super saturated landscapes. During April, May and June, I 've visited the Palouse, Hood River Oregon, Bonners Ferry, Chewelah and the remote Northeast corner of Washington. But the majority of my shoots have been right here in my beautiful hometown of Coeur d'Alene.

From my Mothers Day weekend in the Columbia Gorge....
An old camoflauged truck
Canola near Troutdale

Hood River Bridge

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A few of the local spots I've hit in the last few months......

Post Falls Dam

Pre-storm color on the Spokane River

Evening at Higgins Point

A view over Coeur d'Alene

The following links will take you to pages on Fine Art America where I am participating in a link exchange, for image placement program. Not all of the art there will be mine, but some of them should be. Feel free to take a look around.

There are some great artists represented there.

Recently I've been receiving some much appreciated promotion from Blogmaster D.F. Oliveria of Huckleberries Online at the Spokesman Review. If you're not a Berry picker, you should be....lots of thought provoking articles, great images and the most interesting scanner traffic...I had no idea there were so many odd happenings in my town.

The far Northeast corner of Washington state is a rugged and scenic area in which I am hoping to spend some time camping and exploring.
I did some scouting in June and look forward to a return trip.

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One of my favorite images from June
Sunset Journey
This next month will take me to Yellowstone, Billings, and my first ever trip to the state of California. I love Idaho, but I am very much looking forward to exploring some new territory.

My next post will include my July trip to Glacier National Park and the short story of my first,
and hopefully last bear encounter!

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